Now is a Time for New Beginnings

Well . Hello everyone .
I wanted to share about the surprising changes in my life.
Everything started about a month ago , when I started to think about my life and where to get extra money . I was thinking about investment , such as bitcoin . My little sister called me and , because I was better educated when it comes to PC , she asked me about my thoughts and ideas about these bitcoins . I didn`t know that much at that point and asked my co-worker to assist and enlighten me .
On the next day , my  former classmate called me and said that he have a business opportunity for me . All I wanted to add on that was “I`m 33 and you think you can fool me just like that ? ” , but instead I said ” I`m listening” .
He was talking about a company called Zinzino , which was working on/with food supplement and not only . Then we started to talk about health and fitness ,about lifestyle and such . After a while I realized how terrible I am at all these things . I know , my classmate did the best , he wanted to sell me the product , but he sold me an idea instead. The company`s logo is “Inspire change in life” .
I have bought this and that and got my package .
I got mostly all the products they provide and started slowly but surely get to know about the stuff .
I started with Lean shakes because I wanted to go to the gym but I was so slothful and also my PC constantly distracted me from trying to be healthy , you know.
So after this , I start to wake up 8.00-8.30 am and go to the gym on daily basis . I also started to drink fish oil and Vitamins provided .And now , after a month , I started to feel that I like this routine . I must admit , I don`t think that that very Lean shake or Vitamins made these changes in me , but it was ME who made all the work and changes . And adore this idea . You know , we live in the world where most of the things are working or happening automatically , you go to work , you eat , you rest , watch TV , drink something , talk to people , go to sleep , and it is all over again . And that happen on daily basis ,when you only wake up after the midday on Weekend and start to think what to do.
But now I am feeling that I am able to change things every day . It`s hard to explain ..
It is the same feeling when you have a long long holiday and you know that you can do anything and everything , you are not tied to anything ,you are free to go and do whatever you want to . And this feeling I feel every second .
I also always dreamed about riding a motorbike , I have told about that to all my friends and they were laughing at me , saying “When man makes plans , God laughs” . But now I have already finished my CBT( baby steps for riding a motorbike) and will pass my exam next month . I am checking the motorbikes now and willing to get one after I pass the test. And that feeling that everything goes my way .. it`s indescribable .
I like it . I like it a lot .
Today , for example ,I start checking my blood result(I did a test a couple of weeks ago in order to know where am I on Omega-3/6/9 level ) , wanted to know what  each acid means and such . Then I started to develop this a bit and checked each of minerals from Xtend (25+ minerals and vitamins) pills ,and  now I have about 5 tabs 😀
After this started to read about about vegan diet because ton of people are concerned about their health and well-being and ,all of a sudden,become as vegetarians or vegans  .. well , tough stuff I have to admit .
After all that, I have found on NHS site about Vitamins , B vitamins particularly . And it went further – The vegan diet , because they have lack of calcium (in fact , i have found this “brown and white bread (in the UK, calcium is added to white and brown flour by law)”,which surprised me a bit) and phosphorus ,both are important for our bones.
I returned after the gym around 5 pm , drunk a coffee and wanted to play some games… that is what was NOT happened  😀
I think I will start to post more about the product itself , because in my opinion , it`s worth it .
Here are some of their products – I`ll show you all the components what these two products(Xtend – vitamins ; Lean shake – building muscle and reducing weight) have :

If you get inspired by this post , please , hit me and I will tell you all you want to hear or to share with you with more 🙂

Pros and cons of sport.

We all are aware of the importance of sport,aren`t we?

When we talk about sport ,the space in our mind is  only for  positive aspects of doing sport activities,isn`t it ?For instance , it helps our body be fit , be strong , it also helps our blood system , we may become as an energetic person .It also may slightly change our character or behavior , inasmuch as we predominantly are forced to overcome new challenges ,such as loosing the weight or gaining a muscles ,and after that we passively were able to deal with a stressful situations in our life.

From my point of view , the sport as itself , give to us only a good things . It forces us to ask yourself the questions as :

1.What do I eat ?

That question puts your nutrition habits on the line – do we drink the alcohol drinks ? do we drink enough of water ? Does our body get the enough of vitamins or minerals and so forth. What kind of food do we eat? Is it mostly healthy or junk-food?

2.How do we spend our time ?

If you want to do any sort of sport activities , you must do it in groups (well,it`s very beneficial) .There you can spend more time with making friends,who would share your passion or a will,hence you should spend less time in front of your PC or TV,which ,lets call a spade a spade , is a very helpful and healthier .

3. What are we doing wrong?

That helps you to cover all the black spots into your organism or body system and ,furthermore, it helps you to rid of confusion in your own life.

We are not able to tell anything against the sport –  we do  need sort of sport activities in our life,would it be simple walk before the bed time or having a very good personal life. Either way , we are trying to do much fewer actions as we could . We,all mere mortal human,wants to spend less time but have a great effect, while only few of us puts a list of challenges as their motto.

Let`s talk about negative side of the sport,shall we?

In my humble opinion , there are only a few side-effects .

Firstly , when you want to achieve anything through doing sport-activities ,you should be self-motivated and should be a bit harsh to your own body.However , you may harm yourself easily if you will be too pushy , you literally drains all the juices from your body and forces it to make the changes into your body system.I can`t tell you anything specifically , but I know for sure – if your body isn`t strong enough for doing hard exercises .. well,better not to do so,my friend. You can get anything you want to – but be careful as well and slowly but surely you will get there.

Secondly ,I think many people don`t even realise what they really want to do,what is their wish or target. They can go and do the exercises without a joy ,without a passion , simply because they were told to do so . I think that is not right thing to do.If you don`t enjoy it , don`t waste your time on that , you can try to focus on any other side of your life instead .

Thirdly ,because the sport as itself can offer you loads of activities to do, it could be very difficult to choose what your heart/body is craving for .You may simply be lost in that ginormous amount of exercises all around the globe.It is the very difficult to make the right choice and you don`t want to make any mistake , do you? My advice to you is when you made up your mind , you need have a little pause just to make a small sign before you move any further . Better safe than sorry , my dear friend,better safe than sorry.

For a conclusion , I would like to say , before you make your first move into unknowns world of the sport, you shall think twice about all that .You need to wistfully opt the right activities which you will admire,think carefully ,meticulously .

Best wishes.

My excercises.

Hello there.

I wanted to write about my exercises because my English tutor told me that.


To start with , I can tell you that my weight is 95 ish kg and I`m 183 cm ,hence I`m at the middle of being fatty and massive,which you may have think that there is no difference , but trust me , there is.

I was always wondering , why people exhausting themselves by having a diet ,working hard in the gym ,bring the jogging in your life and make that as a habit. In my country(Latvia) people are not doing such a thing- they eat mostly healthy(fatty but homemade,going to McDonald but once per month) and the majority of population don`t go to the gym regularly,unless you are preparing  for a summer season , you know what I mean?! But ,in fact,[in my country] when you go out somewhere you won`t notice fat people,yes , maybe with some extra-pounds but not fatty or so ,and the reason why most of them not fatty not because we haven`t have plenty of fast-food restaurants.I think that lack of money , the hard work, the stressful situation in the country when you can`t afford living your life without having a job(our benefit system is truly miserable , thanks God) – that all force us to  socialize(you should have friends who you can sometimes rely on , friends also can give you an advice or they can know someone who knows(like anthill) and friends also can push you out from your boredom .. ) . We think that if you need to go out – you need to look nice as well,it sounds so shopworn , I know ,but there is a trick. Most of the people in my country have a lots of taboos like – you can`t go out and show yourself if you are fat(like really fat),so you must be sitting in your closet and  don`t you dare even look out otherwise you may have be bullied.That fear can force us to take care of ourselves.Maybe it`s very stupid but this method is very meaningful nonetheless.

On the other hand ,here in the UK ,the majority of the people have a taboo – you can`t judge others by their look(it calls bulling or abuse). We have a very powerful tool for not to work- it calls the benefit system. You can go out wearing anything you want and be not ashamed by your ,so to speak,friends. That how the real freedom taste.But it`s lusciously sugary for me,thank you very much. exercises.. what do I do to improve my health and to keep my mind sharp ? Actually , I do mostly of the second part – I think a lot,talk a lot,care a lot. But I also go to the gym and working hard.In fact,I spend in the gym about 1-1.5h all together(exercises,shower,steam room/water pool ,+the time to the gym(20 min) and back to home).  But,to be completely honest with you , I spend lots of the time in front of computer,yes yes, I have silly excuses like I`m watching documentaries,talking to my friends via Whatsapp(they finally made it work through PC,yay) ,watching anime,thrillers.reading a lot etc.. but ,lets face it,I still spend a lot of the time in front of PC,which is completely unhealthy.

Yesterday , I downloaded the documentary about exercises ( ) and I was shocked. Completely shocked. You know..I always was thinking that the information can be dangerous and I need to “consume” the information carefully . And now..this video completely opened my eyes and I`ll try to do my best and will take care of my body.

Watch this :

That is incredible.

You know.. as I mentioned before , I haven`t get any clues about why all the people jogging or spending lots of their time in the gym.But now, I think , I can realised the answer – people just wants to be healthy . Have a healthy family, have a healthy kids , it`s like a rock been thrown down and accidentally on purpose was targeted to my head.

I made my mind up to put much more efforts into my health. I`ll try to go for a walk .I will cost me a time but I hope it also can acquire me the time..eventually.

Welp .

My diet.

Today, I want to talk about the entrenched opinion that  the people should have any kind of diet.From my humble opinion , I possessively want to point out that this statement is mistaken.To start with , I want to urge you that there is no evidences which could prove the link between good diet and well-being.However,at the same token , we might highlight the profound chanelet  between well-being and being on any kind of diet. But to specialize that kind of connection , we must have specify what is that – being on a diet.

Let`s clarify that – from my perspective of the world , the first meaning of the diet is , obviously , healthy eating . Let`s talk a bit about that . I think that healthy eating contains all the vitamins and minerals which our organism requires,for instance , to strengthen our immune system , we should provide it with significant amount of  Vitamin C and there is no room for error , unless you are “clever” boy which wants to have a day-off from school and got a cough on a purpose. Additionally , we should be the provider of : Vitamin A because it is a key for good vision, a healthy immune system, and cell growth; Vitamin B is a part of a class of water-soluble vitamins that play important roles in cell metabolism ; and so on.

Let`s do not being fastidious by not mentioning about the oils , for instance , I do have a pills with Omega-3 to keep my mind sharp and to memorize as much information as I can .

I know that we cannot follow all these rules – what and how much of the vitamins and minerals should we use,it is unfathomably excruciating process ,when you ,lets call a spade a spade, find it ad nauseum and will unduly abhor that.

But I have a very serendipitous cure for those slothful people , who wants have just a simple life without reckoning anything – and the name of this seldom cure is a [magic] pills which can contain any source of vitamins or minerals which you may think your organism  will be needed.


The next step of the good diet could be the exercises. To be completely honest with you , sometimes I skip my “work” in a gym ,I`m just a weak human being,or yes,another lazy person as [maybe] you, but nonetheless , I do my best to keep myself fit by doing some exercises at home.

I know you all know about the importance to keep yourself fit , but to do so you need to work assiduously hard . Surprisingly enough , we got the internet and lots of clips on Youtube ,which dedicated on “how to spend less time on doing exercises “,God bless those people who were made these clips.


A diet.. a Diet.. I think when we have a taste of this word into our mouth we automatically starting to think about the weight , am I right? But lets not going deep into bigotry but keep a good spirit – albeit the fact that my weight is nearly 100 kg , I feel excellent myself and I have no any obsessed ideas about losing weight. Of course , I do make sort of sacrifices every day like refuse to myself[my stomach] to pusillanimously gorge myself with any sort of fast food ,truly speaking, I find it extremely heinous and ghastly. However,I don`t want to show oneself as a hypocrite – sometimes I do consume sort of junk food but it`s when my MIND required it as a mandatory of its surviving . But it is the only exception when I give up the slack.

Well,now you can have a rest , because this indoctrination is about to end. It`s the time to roll up your sleeves and get to work, shall we?

Healthy Living

This speech is all about healthy living ,about the subject what is given by exam committee ,hence – it is our exam topic.

This is the final part of my presentation and it had been proofread by my former teacher P.

Today I’m going to talk about healthy living.

From the time when the date changed from “December 2014” to “January 2015”,all magazines and TV programs started bombarding us with statements like “It’s the time to change your bad habits ” or “The best New Year Resolution 2015” where people here and there are trying to force us to change ourselves (presumably for better). Believe me or not, this subject is  perennial for discussion, because we can all outline pros and cons of leading a healthy lifestyle.

When you are thinking about “living healthy”, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Actually, there are lots of options to answer this question.

Let’s start with the basics.


To start with, modern life requests from us to be here and there, to be very mobile and flexible. Hence a lot of our time is spent on sitting or driving and we have no time to do any exercises of any time. We come home and we are completely exhausted after work. It’s believed that even standing up can help us to burn more calories than sitting as it tones and exercises our muscles.I’d therefore recommend you to stand up when you’re making a phone call or downloading something on your computer.I think it’s more important for your body’s memory because it remembers to be more active. This memory will then push you to do activities of any sort,like planning your day or improving your social skills instead of sitting down silently, while you are using public rapid transit system .

Healthily eating.


It is been stated that “eating healthy is crucial to maintain good health”. Sounds simply,right? But as we all know,it isn’t so simple as it seems. What do you think about eating healthily? Is it to eat only healthy food and count your daily calorie intake? Is it to eat home-made food only, and trying to avoid any unhealthy or junk food?

Since the time, when I came in the UK for the first time, I have heard that there are people who are trying to avoid eating meat, but I never have seen them. Later on,when I had been here and there and met lots of people, few of them were vegetarians. I met one of them in London where I used to attend the Language Exchange Group. Surprisingly enough, this vegetarian was a man. When I realized who he was, I started with a double brush ,because I couldn’t understand – why people do this- become vegetarians. Later on I got to know other vegetarian person, who became a close friend of mine. We had a long, long discussion about the reasons why she is doing that, but both of us haven’t got any problems/arguments against each other just because we respect each other and it does’t matter that I am a meat-eater and she is a vegetarian. Let’s get back on track, shall we?! As I know and believe, it doesn’t really matter what you eat – you can eat what you really want to, even junk-food ,it depends how frequently are you do it. But the most important part of living healthy and eating healthy is to feel the happiness while you are eating something.

Let’s do not underestimate our feelings during that moment, while we are eating. Can you find the importance of it? Let’s get closer to that by giving you a few examples.

When the food is home-made, it smells and tastes better ,isn’t it ? Even if you use the same contents or ingredients – it is different . But why it is that? I believe that it is because of the knowledge, our brains believe that that particular food is much tastier and much better than other, even if it contains more fat,it doesn’t matter. When you go to a pizza restaurant and you can watch how they are making the pizza you ordered, the taste of it is much better than if you wouldn’t be watching, isn’t it?


From my perspective of the world, we are able to eat absolutely anything IF we are happy. I believe that if you are not hungry but you want any kind of junk-food ,when you see it and you want it like here and now, and when you get it – it makes you a happy person and I believe that it won’t hurt you much. From another point of view, we can face the problem when any person with “a few extra pounds” come into ,let’s say , McDonald and orders something what he/she wants. That person, knowing that he/she already has some extra pounds ,eating that meal without the feeling of happiness. Maybe she/he even feels hate against her/himself ,that kind of hate is raising the stress level into our bodies and how our organism reacting on this stress? Yes,in stress situation the organism is trying to put any spare calories into a fat to use it later while the stress continues . So this particular individual, by coming and getting only meal in fast-food restaurant, could get many more extra pounds just because of negative thinking. Later on, she/he will feel more miserable and this will have a crucial effect on his body-type.


I can show you another point of it, most of people are not educated enough. They drink cold drinks with warm meals ,when the scientists say : “People should take-to-drink meal only with warm drinks because cold drink force the food to leave a stomach too quickly , without having had time to be digested completely. And even if you eat much, your stomach after a short time interval again will demand food. Much more terribly, that badly digested food stays in intestines can lead to processes of fermentation and rotting that will harm to your body. Having fatty foods with cold drinks is especially harmful for you- it is a direct way to a pancreatitis.

Being Happy


The next important part of living healthy is being happy, because an unhappy person can’t have a healthy life-style even if he is doing all the other “parts” of it. What is the meaning of being happy? It is to have a good friends, to surround yourself with positive people , the part of being happy should contain the positive thinking as well, because if you think mostly negatively, you are unconsciously building up an insurmountable psychological barrier of being unhappy and this barrier makes your days be dull and gloomy even if others tells you that there is sun somewhere.

Positive thinking .


I believe that positive thinking is the key of healthy living. No matter what storms will be on your way, regardless of any issues or troubles – you will find the light at the end of a tunnel and, most importantly, people around you will stick to you just because they can charge themselves with positive energy simply by looking at you. And the good fact about positive thinking is that it is almost perennial. Of course, it is not a piece of cake, you need to put in effort and be unshakably constant with that.

Exercise more

I must admit, that the fitness or physical exercises also affects your life, mostly positively. We can say ,without any doubts,that the exercises by themselves only can make you feel stronger and better and in the result – much healthier ! But the most important part of going to the gym or doing exercises at home is that you force yourself to do something with your life. From my own experience, I’d say that going to gym is very important to me because It brings some changes into my life,I push myself to go out despite of the bad weather or bad mood, I try to organize myself, stick to the plan and be constant with that. Of course, it helps me to improve my social skills as well.


In conclusion, I would like to advice you to be wise and think what you really want to do with your life, not for fashion or for other people. I strongly believe that no one can tell you how to live your live, hence only your own opinion matters the most.