My diet.

Today, I want to talk about the entrenched opinion that  the people should have any kind of diet.From my humble opinion , I possessively want to point out that this statement is mistaken.To start with , I want to urge you that there is no evidences which could prove the link between good diet and well-being.However,at the same token , we might highlight the profound chanelet  between well-being and being on any kind of diet. But to specialize that kind of connection , we must have specify what is that – being on a diet.

Let`s clarify that – from my perspective of the world , the first meaning of the diet is , obviously , healthy eating . Let`s talk a bit about that . I think that healthy eating contains all the vitamins and minerals which our organism requires,for instance , to strengthen our immune system , we should provide it with significant amount of  Vitamin C and there is no room for error , unless you are “clever” boy which wants to have a day-off from school and got a cough on a purpose. Additionally , we should be the provider of : Vitamin A because it is a key for good vision, a healthy immune system, and cell growth; Vitamin B is a part of a class of water-soluble vitamins that play important roles in cell metabolism ; and so on.

Let`s do not being fastidious by not mentioning about the oils , for instance , I do have a pills with Omega-3 to keep my mind sharp and to memorize as much information as I can .

I know that we cannot follow all these rules – what and how much of the vitamins and minerals should we use,it is unfathomably excruciating process ,when you ,lets call a spade a spade, find it ad nauseum and will unduly abhor that.

But I have a very serendipitous cure for those slothful people , who wants have just a simple life without reckoning anything – and the name of this seldom cure is a [magic] pills which can contain any source of vitamins or minerals which you may think your organism  will be needed.


The next step of the good diet could be the exercises. To be completely honest with you , sometimes I skip my “work” in a gym ,I`m just a weak human being,or yes,another lazy person as [maybe] you, but nonetheless , I do my best to keep myself fit by doing some exercises at home.

I know you all know about the importance to keep yourself fit , but to do so you need to work assiduously hard . Surprisingly enough , we got the internet and lots of clips on Youtube ,which dedicated on “how to spend less time on doing exercises “,God bless those people who were made these clips.


A diet.. a Diet.. I think when we have a taste of this word into our mouth we automatically starting to think about the weight , am I right? But lets not going deep into bigotry but keep a good spirit – albeit the fact that my weight is nearly 100 kg , I feel excellent myself and I have no any obsessed ideas about losing weight. Of course , I do make sort of sacrifices every day like refuse to myself[my stomach] to pusillanimously gorge myself with any sort of fast food ,truly speaking, I find it extremely heinous and ghastly. However,I don`t want to show oneself as a hypocrite – sometimes I do consume sort of junk food but it`s when my MIND required it as a mandatory of its surviving . But it is the only exception when I give up the slack.

Well,now you can have a rest , because this indoctrination is about to end. It`s the time to roll up your sleeves and get to work, shall we?


Healthy Living

This speech is all about healthy living ,about the subject what is given by exam committee ,hence – it is our exam topic.

This is the final part of my presentation and it had been proofread by my former teacher P.

Today I’m going to talk about healthy living.

From the time when the date changed from “December 2014” to “January 2015”,all magazines and TV programs started bombarding us with statements like “It’s the time to change your bad habits ” or “The best New Year Resolution 2015” where people here and there are trying to force us to change ourselves (presumably for better). Believe me or not, this subject is  perennial for discussion, because we can all outline pros and cons of leading a healthy lifestyle.

When you are thinking about “living healthy”, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Actually, there are lots of options to answer this question.

Let’s start with the basics.


To start with, modern life requests from us to be here and there, to be very mobile and flexible. Hence a lot of our time is spent on sitting or driving and we have no time to do any exercises of any time. We come home and we are completely exhausted after work. It’s believed that even standing up can help us to burn more calories than sitting as it tones and exercises our muscles.I’d therefore recommend you to stand up when you’re making a phone call or downloading something on your computer.I think it’s more important for your body’s memory because it remembers to be more active. This memory will then push you to do activities of any sort,like planning your day or improving your social skills instead of sitting down silently, while you are using public rapid transit system .

Healthily eating.


It is been stated that “eating healthy is crucial to maintain good health”. Sounds simply,right? But as we all know,it isn’t so simple as it seems. What do you think about eating healthily? Is it to eat only healthy food and count your daily calorie intake? Is it to eat home-made food only, and trying to avoid any unhealthy or junk food?

Since the time, when I came in the UK for the first time, I have heard that there are people who are trying to avoid eating meat, but I never have seen them. Later on,when I had been here and there and met lots of people, few of them were vegetarians. I met one of them in London where I used to attend the Language Exchange Group. Surprisingly enough, this vegetarian was a man. When I realized who he was, I started with a double brush ,because I couldn’t understand – why people do this- become vegetarians. Later on I got to know other vegetarian person, who became a close friend of mine. We had a long, long discussion about the reasons why she is doing that, but both of us haven’t got any problems/arguments against each other just because we respect each other and it does’t matter that I am a meat-eater and she is a vegetarian. Let’s get back on track, shall we?! As I know and believe, it doesn’t really matter what you eat – you can eat what you really want to, even junk-food ,it depends how frequently are you do it. But the most important part of living healthy and eating healthy is to feel the happiness while you are eating something.

Let’s do not underestimate our feelings during that moment, while we are eating. Can you find the importance of it? Let’s get closer to that by giving you a few examples.

When the food is home-made, it smells and tastes better ,isn’t it ? Even if you use the same contents or ingredients – it is different . But why it is that? I believe that it is because of the knowledge, our brains believe that that particular food is much tastier and much better than other, even if it contains more fat,it doesn’t matter. When you go to a pizza restaurant and you can watch how they are making the pizza you ordered, the taste of it is much better than if you wouldn’t be watching, isn’t it?


From my perspective of the world, we are able to eat absolutely anything IF we are happy. I believe that if you are not hungry but you want any kind of junk-food ,when you see it and you want it like here and now, and when you get it – it makes you a happy person and I believe that it won’t hurt you much. From another point of view, we can face the problem when any person with “a few extra pounds” come into ,let’s say , McDonald and orders something what he/she wants. That person, knowing that he/she already has some extra pounds ,eating that meal without the feeling of happiness. Maybe she/he even feels hate against her/himself ,that kind of hate is raising the stress level into our bodies and how our organism reacting on this stress? Yes,in stress situation the organism is trying to put any spare calories into a fat to use it later while the stress continues . So this particular individual, by coming and getting only meal in fast-food restaurant, could get many more extra pounds just because of negative thinking. Later on, she/he will feel more miserable and this will have a crucial effect on his body-type.


I can show you another point of it, most of people are not educated enough. They drink cold drinks with warm meals ,when the scientists say : “People should take-to-drink meal only with warm drinks because cold drink force the food to leave a stomach too quickly , without having had time to be digested completely. And even if you eat much, your stomach after a short time interval again will demand food. Much more terribly, that badly digested food stays in intestines can lead to processes of fermentation and rotting that will harm to your body. Having fatty foods with cold drinks is especially harmful for you- it is a direct way to a pancreatitis.

Being Happy


The next important part of living healthy is being happy, because an unhappy person can’t have a healthy life-style even if he is doing all the other “parts” of it. What is the meaning of being happy? It is to have a good friends, to surround yourself with positive people , the part of being happy should contain the positive thinking as well, because if you think mostly negatively, you are unconsciously building up an insurmountable psychological barrier of being unhappy and this barrier makes your days be dull and gloomy even if others tells you that there is sun somewhere.

Positive thinking .


I believe that positive thinking is the key of healthy living. No matter what storms will be on your way, regardless of any issues or troubles – you will find the light at the end of a tunnel and, most importantly, people around you will stick to you just because they can charge themselves with positive energy simply by looking at you. And the good fact about positive thinking is that it is almost perennial. Of course, it is not a piece of cake, you need to put in effort and be unshakably constant with that.

Exercise more

I must admit, that the fitness or physical exercises also affects your life, mostly positively. We can say ,without any doubts,that the exercises by themselves only can make you feel stronger and better and in the result – much healthier ! But the most important part of going to the gym or doing exercises at home is that you force yourself to do something with your life. From my own experience, I’d say that going to gym is very important to me because It brings some changes into my life,I push myself to go out despite of the bad weather or bad mood, I try to organize myself, stick to the plan and be constant with that. Of course, it helps me to improve my social skills as well.


In conclusion, I would like to advice you to be wise and think what you really want to do with your life, not for fashion or for other people. I strongly believe that no one can tell you how to live your live, hence only your own opinion matters the most.

A bit about the friendship.

It`s been said that :

Making friends can be hard because of one’s lack of social skills, because our society is generally making us more isolated, because of our modern busy lifestyles, or because we no longer have a context for meeting people like we did in college or high school. There is no single cause that makes this crucial skill hard for us—it’s actually a group of causes.

I completely agree with it .Nowadays people don`t really talk to each other – is it a fault of new technologies which pushed us away from each other , notwithstanding that it should be working totally otherwise. The new technology like mobile phones with bunch of chat/meeting applications were supposed to decrease the distance between people ,but they made it much longer . I have watched the T.V. series “Californication” where David Duchovny (“X-files” `s male-star) said about ew technology :

In these latter days one fact annoy me – that all people become more dumber and dumber. I want to tell that we have all these surprising technologies, and as a result- computers have turned in expensive “w*nking machines” , the Internet should give us freedom, make us more
democratic, and the only thing that it has given to us is a nominee of the doctor the Dyne and round-the-clock access to a children’s porno. People, they anymore do not write, they conduct blogs, they do not talk anymore, they type the text, neither punctuations, nor grammar and so on. Such sensation that one small group of morons communicates with another group of morons on any kind of pro-language which is more likely similar to speech of cave people, instead of on Shakespeare’s high language.”

And , to be honest, I completely agree with him . People don`t go anywhere to have a real laugh , they are using abbreviations such as “LOL , rofl or lmao” or they can just put the smile picture and that`s all. People forgot how to use their face muscles when they smile , they are using images for that. The new technologies gave us the illusion that we are close enough , we are “in touch” and we always are forgetting about real friends. I remember days when there were no phones and if you wanted to know are your friend at home or not – there was an only way how to find out – by knocking on his door or pushing on the doorbell. And if there is no-one there – you just turn around and go back to home or whatever. I think they were happy days ,when children had no phones and nothing to do at home , they played more with their friends ,real friends (not with acquaintances) and there were much easier ways to make new friends than nowadays.


A survey by Relate rather shockingly suggests that as many as 10% of people in the UK don’t have a single friend to turn to. That translates into nearly 5 million adults who are, in effect, friendless.

Even factoring in that many of these unfortunates may be elderly people whose friends have died, or inadequates who lack functional social skills, that is still a significant number of ordinary people who just don’t know how to maintain good friendships”

What do you think about that ? Is it easy for you to make new friends ? I always wonder why most of English people calling each other as a friend – in my country most of the time we are using other word “acquaintance” and when we are talking about [real,good ones,close] friends [with whom we spent lots of time together and experienced good or bad times] then we are letting other people know , that we are good , close friends. But here and there I keep hearing “ I went with this friend there and we saw this friend blah blah blah” and I wonder – do they really have so much friends? It`s such a incongruity for me.

“With friends, if you annoy them too much, they can just drop you. Within this simple fact lies one of the first principles of friendship – tread carefully. Friends are precious, even irreplaceable, but they are also fragile.

Treading carefully is easier said than done. Part of a good friendship is honesty, and sooner or later one is forced to choose between being amenable and giving a friend the honesty you think the relationship merits. But honesty is always a risky strategy, whether it’s asking “Do you like my new dress/suit?” or “Do you like my new girlfriend/boyfriend?” Sometimes you are forced to find out what your friendship rests on, and sometimes the foundations prove insubstantial.”

Very truly stated . When I am talking to people , I always trying to be myself . Sometimes ,surprisingly enough , people found me as a rude person , who ,being mostly honest and straight person ,can make others feel awkward or uncomfortable ,hence it isn`t piece of pie. You also needs to be diplomatically correct with people whether will they be your ,so to speak , friends or will be one of the “people come , people go” `s cases . My receipt is simple , I really don`t want to be show people how nice I am ,because there are the days when I could not be nice to them. Do we really need to wear a double-faces ? I mean ,by pretending be someone else with other people just because it is polite and nice . Sometimes I just don`t get it.. why shall we spend out time(which you can`t get back)and talk to people in a good language when we have no ideas will this particular person your friend or not. Don`t get me wrong – we should be nice to people ,when we want it or they deserve it.. or just by default . But shall we spend your time by talking to someone who isn`t nice to you ? My answer is no. I have no interest in pleasing every person I meet just because I am aware that not all people get along, and that’s just how life works. Most of the time I am trying to focus on the quality of my relationships, instead of the quantity of them because you really can`t have LOTS of friends for whole your life, real ones .Maybe 5 ? 10 Max.

To finish with this preach ,I will use one of the quotes :

Is there a secret to long friendships? Simply this – an absence of pride. Too many falter on stubbornness or the determination to hold on to offense. Successful ones rely on humility and the recognition of human fallibility. These are not merely useful attributes. They are the heart and soul of friendship.”

Thank you for listening.

Circle of life / Position of strength. (unfinished)

Man and Woman.


From my humble opinion , at the age 2 or 3 there is no difference in gender, excepting toys ,clothes ,plays/games. Later on, when the child is aged enough to go to kindergarten , the differences between them is started to show themselves, for instance , girls and boys started to noticing the difference in behaviour – some boys become as teaser ,bullying other kids left and right and it should be alarmingly because we all are living in polite and calm society and such behavior is not acceptable. On the other hand , from the very beginning man`s essence should show itself. And how It will show itself is in parent`s hands.

Talking about children in England there is no word as “banned” or “disallow” because most of the parents wants to have a nice, smart and beautiful children, hence they shouldn`t having any knowledge of limit or boundaries. You[minding about parents) needs to be very sneaky and cheeky enough to avoid the difficult situations like forbid doing something ,going something because you have no rights(in this country) for punishing them-what will you do – will you ground them?! The bottom line is – you need to be very flexible taking care of your own child.

Few months ago I saw the family when father was walking with his child which was on the lead! Could you imagine how flabbergasted I was?! How ridiculously stupid it is ? Yes, it was nice ,polite, innocent lead, but still lead, don`t you think? How obnoxious and unskilful turkey you should be to have only this opportunity to walk out your child?! It is crazy, to be honest, It is craziness.

On the other side of the Earth(talking about Russian culture),all parents have the rights to punish their own child. The methods could be very strict – it starts with simple talk/sermons and go till physical punishment using leather belts(ouch ,I`m having lots memories about this).All those activities could be avoided by simple way – all children had been taught by simple idiom – we all are knowing what is good(right) and what is bad(wrong). Summary,all children is free to choose what they should do ,all of them should have their common sense and in case if they were done something bad or unacceptable, they were doing this on purpose , hence this deed could be either praised or punished. Reminiscing my childhood ,I could not support any decisions what has been made by my father, but since becoming older and older I started to realize the meaning of those punishment and the strong (but positive) impact what had been made by those punishments .Could you take a while and try to realize the positive factor from all of it?


There is saying in English “the roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet” which I completely agree with. And all further education steps is lying on the parent`s shoulders and on them only. Presumably ,it is more financial question rather than way of the choice, for example , to you’re your child to Oxford School for boys you need around £ 18 000 per year, hereof if you were born in wealthy family then , with a high probability ,you will have the better education which means – better future careers ,better(well-known) friends and, the most important ,you will grow up as very intelligent person .Lets say that you are not from the rich family ,which future is waiting for you? Well ,being grown up in “all-allowed” style you may be wanted to try all-you-can-get from life including lies , drugs, alcohol ,sex, alarmingly bad language, briefly all the worse what the parents wants for their children.

Talking about my own experience being in school ,i`d say that it was awesome part of my life .All the teachers were strictly kind(can you imagine the mixture of it?!),they punished(verbally, in this country it calls verbal abuse) you when we have done unforgivable mistake and they were praised you when you were showed then the sign of wisdom. Repeatedly ,who will you become is your choice and your only , so it is only up to you .My favorite subjects were the Maths(Algebra+ Geometry ),Physics(in higher classes),Chemistry – all for logical thinking person. And for the record ,I was very good and intelligent pupil and my Maths teacher always was proud of me and she wanted to show this to my sister(who has studied in the same school but in higher class)and she was telling lots of positive things about me in front of all sister`s group. I won`t lie to you by hiding the shadow side of this positiveness – when I went to another school ,cause all my family was moved to another region , I was joined to other class – 9 “D” (this”D” letter meant that it is the worse class of the 9th which was supremely surprising for me) and it was a bit scary because I will be moved from my accustomed area to something unbelievably horrible and frightening.I will tell you about the 1st of September of that year .After the celebration ,I went to my classroom and I saw three guys who were about 2-3 years older than me(later I figured out that they managed to sit in jail for a while),they were undoubtedly full of energy and were excited because of “new meat” .One of this pack has came to me and told me – let`s go out and get some fun by fighting each versus other? I wasn`t suicidal man who has no sign of self-preservation and I refused this kind offer, obviously . He shrugged and went to another new guy for the same reason .This newbie ,probably, was overconfident about himself and he agreed to stand against this massive street guy. After the lesson(having the break-time) all the class went out looking for blood .As you may understand , the newbie was lost tremendously and at the time when he realized it – he said “enough”. Other guy(bad one) said he doesn`t want to stop. After this answer I went to classroom to carry on with studying.When the bad pack came in I haven`t spotted the newbie around there. That day was my first day in the 9 “D” class and it was also the last day when I saw this newbie at school. It was indeedy horrible story .


In my country was an obligation to serve your country in that particular way. Many young men, starting from 16-24 were supposed to serve their own country all around the country. And ,as I mentioned before, it wasn’t the choice for them ,it was an obligation which could be have some criminal consequences if you were tried to avoid serving there. The only chance how you could legally avoid “one year of suffer” – you should be studying somewhere.

I had been in Army(Latvian) and I must tell you that it`s really silly things to afraid of .This year gave me a lot ,starting with physical endurance and strength and I could finish with mental stamina .I could undoubtedly tell you that that particular time was full of ruthless ,verbal abuse, very tough physical trainings and ,of course, fun. At the meantime ,there were no any sign of physical violence. You were simply should been comply your superior`s orders ,should be perfectly doing your duties and don`t mess around. However ,there were tour of duty, for instance – you should be cleaning all “the house”-the building was made to locate and facilitate the normal living attributes for 90-120 men. When I am saying “cleaning” ,by that I meant – ensure that all surfaces are clean including mirrors, windows, tables, surfaces in the toilets ,all the ground should been cleaned, all the walls , steps etc. You were on this tour of duty for 24 hours and you were not allowed to leave your position unless your superior have been told you do so.

It was lots of the moral pressure on you. You were not been allowed to communicate with anyone through the mobile phone while you weren`t had had the break-time (after 6p.m.).There were lots of regularities which you should been followed or you will be punished by going to the tour of duties out of turn. Once per month you had an opportunity to get home for two days and in case if you were mistaken somewhere or unsuccessful at any point of the lessons or anywhere ,you lost your chance to get home. I haven`t mentioned before , but I must – while you have been on such territory , you shouldn`t been allowed to go somewhere freely ,should not been allowed to leave this place until you have an approval to do so .You were partly freely person ,when you have the free time ,you can do whatever you want to- go to the gym ,play chess or talk to your relatives by face-to-face (if you were allowed to do so) or by phone .But there was the place for unfortunate mishap -I knew one guy who could not resist anymore and couldn`t cope with any pressure ,therefore he had been broken [from inside] and irrevocably was sent home .

After successfully finishing this period of time , I was proud of myself and I could see the difference between previous myself and new-born myself. The Army gave me lots knowledge how to be manly,how to behaving maturely and it also gave me lots of benefits to get better job.

Contemplating some articles, like “Women could get combat roles in British army by 2016. Defence secretary says he hopes ban on women serving in frontline infantry roles will be lifted ‘in next year or so’”

I really cannot understand any significance of all this. Why women shouldn`t be banned from serving in the Army, mind you, there is no place for any point of sex-discrimination. All what I wanted to say – the army is not the right place for the beauty of mankind .In the Army should be serving by people with strong personality ,with a good spirit, the person who could make any tough decisions without any sign of the doubts .I`m not saying that any woman could not have that particular traits or skills . There is lots of discussions about it , and each flip of the coin have their own cons and pros .But let me tell you a true story which had the place in my teacher`s life while I had been sent to him to be taught how could I improve my qualification [as a Prison Officer] . This teacher, whose name was Viktor ,had been very tough with some piece of roughness .He was teaching me and my group(about 15 people, both sex)how and when to correctly be using method of self-defence. As I mentioned , he was tough and when he hit,he hit! Obviously ,being the teacher and working with lots of guns ,being part of several subdivisions ,master of his craft ,he knew how much force he needs to append to make this hit. After the first practice with him we all were thinking that – enough is enough. But practice makes perfect, so we just kept trying and practicing with him . I forgot to mention , he was working with both sexes as equals and after some while we were asking him – why is he so brutal with us? And why he doesn`t make any difference between guys and girls .His answers were simple – he is so fierce because the inmates won`t be gentle with us and about difference in gender – he answered “You all are equal here, you all are having the same duties and no matter when the time comes , you all should be acting identically.” It is so weird but, at the same time, very profound. Later on he was telling us the story ,when he was a part of guarding team ,like bodyguard or so , he had been seen one woman, the boss of this team. And his face at that very moment was changed and became as a scary mask ,he was afraid of this single woman. Then he had been told that this woman wasn`t a woman anymore but she were(!) some kind of machine ,who were destroying anything on her way. From that very moment , I got this statement about the man and woman. The men should be hunters and providers, the women should be gentle ,being proud of being woman and look after their own posterity.

And now we`re approaching the next part of my point of view .

Being an adult

The year of the early 1970s,when the women got the rights to be equally with the men, was the turning point and it goes only in one direction – further and further .Before that time people were known what is wrong and what is right ,there were sure about the next day, about the future because there were sure that nothing is going to be different but since that time in had been started to snowballing people`s minds. They started to think about the restricted areas – they had been thinking about the freedom-freedom of actions ,freedom of education, freedom of rules(how ridiculously it wound not be sounded). From that moment , the difference between the men and women are started to become less and less.

Actually , I don`t mind to give the opportunities : to get better job, better education, better genes ,better quality of life to those ones, who could be contributing more and willing to get all these goodies ; but my mayor point is to show all of us that we should not kept the man and woman as something identical, because they are not. Now, here and there, we are facing the fading of men`s kind. Nowadays ,it seems to get normal when we are see mostly the women are behind the wheel/in charge . The men wistfully losing the ground ,gloomily looking back into the past which was gone. To be honest, it`s sadly to see that tendency of switching the roles, when the men, who supposed to be the strong one, receding back by giving his position to the women. Presently, all the traits which was giving to the women ,as shyness , softness, lots of talking and none of action, could be equate to the men as well, which is very ghastly fact.

To be honest ,I have my gripes with this [maybe because of my age and how I had taught, old – fashionably],but it feels that we will not be able to fix/change it in any point ,it is how the [present] world goes.

Let`s get to the point of being an adult , or ,if you want to call it differently , to be mature. Accordingly via internet , “(..) relatively advanced physically, mentally, emotionally, etc. ; grown-up (..) ” but what is it – being mature? Is it the state of mind or the measure of your wallet? Or maybe it contains your social skills – being reliable, with very good communication skills, being polite and thoughtful ? Many people think that all those skills means being mature ,however that is not a full list of that.

Being an adult, actually , is very enormously hard job : you should be on time where you are needed , you should be not-a-bad-guy who could ruin some other`s plans, you should think about your future and think carefully , you should .. do lots of things which can`t be named by anyone-because no one knows the full list of “you should”.

Talking about my own experience ,I was  somewhere in my 20 or so, I was living with my family and was awoken and the first thing what came into my mind – was the thought about living by my own . There were no evidence of bad relationship with my relatives or something like that – I was happy at that time – with my job, with my gaming addiction ,with how I spending my time and so on , but ,I guess ,it was the signal  about becoming as new persona ,enough is enough ,so to say.After that very moment , I started to use my internet for another purpose [not to play through only] – to find some place to live. After a few days of searching , I had found one particular 2-rooms flat and it was nice at the moment when I had a look around. But it was a very bad timing [it was September , as I can remember] and I did not know anything about the increasing the bills and stuff like that , because I haven`t experienced it yet .As you may imagine , this rent impacted crucially to my finance source. I must admit, that I had literally run out of money after I paid my bills and rent . I barely could afford something like meat and this kind of stuff, yeah , it sounds scary and horrible .. but , believe me , I had learned a lot from that. Later on , when my father wanted to visit me for “to see how my only son lives” ,  I cooked the chicken with potatoes plus some vegetables and when he came in and we got the dinner ,he was nearly crying because he saw the environment where I am live in. And ,with the pain in his voice,he said ” Why didn`t you call me?! Am I bad father?!” , I said that it`s just tough time for me and I NEED it right now , I need to start the life without family`s [ financial ]  support . Believe me or not, but he got my point and then the phrase followed “Then stay tight ,it will be very tough time for you and , if the things go south, don`t hesitate to call me and ask for any backup ,alright?!” . Later on , after 2-3 months , I went to live in another city ,on a bit countryside, where “the gross was greener”, the “air is fresher” and “people are better”. Ironically enough, the next flat what I rented was the 4th rooms flat and I rented it for about 20% of my month salary ,which was as manna from the heaven for me .

Summarizing all this experience ,I would say that the individuals needs to put all his effort into himself to become the mature person and , mostly ,he should do it by himself without any help from outside because this not only provides you with life-necessary experience , but also will contribute developing this person`s stamina and willpower, even without mentioning the physical power and psychical stability .Technically , you don`t need to have lots of money in your pocket or have the supportive family – all you need is keeping your mind sharp and get lots of experience in life , because that is all that matters.

The gaming-It’s cons and pros .

According Wikipedia :

“Gaming is the act of playing games. The person who plays games is called a gamer.

But now I would like to talk about another meaning – about addictive gamers.

Its believes that being as gamer is very bad habit ,its believes that it is kind of addiction .And we all known that it is : bad, it is very unsocial ,brainless and unhealthy ,but is it truth or some kind of myth ?

Nowadays , we all get involved in symbiotic relationship with all kind of technology ,we could start with using phones, PC / Laptop or any another devices to get access to Internet .You should not be the sage to realise the fact that technology is everywhere – in our houses, in our hands, on the desks at our workplaces .Therefore, let me ask you – why do we really are frightening of knowing that our friends or our children are spending so much time at the front of the computer?

I have a good understanding about the gamer’s world – how they live and what air are they breathing with because I was a gamer. In fact, the whole my entire life I was wondering about computers and that kind of stuff,I made my own programs when I was taught to use the simple/basic programing language. And , to be completely honest with you , I was a bit obsessed with it , I did like it so much .. it was like your head is full of thoughts and you literally can feel that those thoughts is about to go out of your mind because they are really a lot .. and when you are needed to start talk about that kind of stuff,you are.. speechless because you don’t know where to start with, had you ever experienced it ?

First thing first, it all started when I was 17-18, I started to play the games on my computer and ,almost right from the start , I played it online – with other people . Remembering those days , I remember my parent’s attitude, which was a bit judgemental, on that kind of entertainment. But nevertheless, I continued playing – I had started with the shooting game – CS (Counter Strike) .


The conception of this particular game was primitively easy , here is two teams : one of them is terrorist , other , obviously, is counter-terrorist group. They have the money from the start ..and the source how they can get additional money is by killing opponents or .. just on next round ,when either of the team will be destroyed or the mission will be completed/failed .As you can see , I already failed with trying to show you the easy or simple way how to describe this game and it’s aims, because there is lots of aspects. I was playing this game for a long time , about 2-4 years .When I had found another server to play on , I had been banned from it for using cheating programs which I didn’t use .When the complaint was build ,according on the screenshots from my computer I had done nothing wrong , they admitted that the admin was mistaken and I was justified, I continuously started to play this game. Hour per hour, day by day, I don’t really remember where I was at that moment ,maybe on school holidays or so ,and I had trained my own skill .Skill.. what the meaning of this particular word on here? Word “skill” – can be used in a game community when people wants to talk about your skill of the game, it involves many hours of training ,quick response on actions(how quick you can make the decision based on one “flash” or on any sound) because the skill is .. everything for you to help you survive and to win. Simply put,this game helped me to find my own niche , I was very helpful to admins by catching all cheaters , and it paid me off – I became the part of the admins team. And this wasn’t about the game and your skill ,it was something much higher , I evolved in something new Sergey – the Admin. It was the first step of my education when I was needed to stay calm , to behave yourself maturely, to talk with people about the game ,be helpful and try to understand them.. it was not about the game anymore(obviously ,you should spend lots of the time playing this game) ,it was about something else like about catching cheaters and building your own respect . After 2 years of being as admin , my server has been closed because of the financial problem and I started to find another game to play.

Frankly , at this stage of my life , the game was sort of escaping from reality but it was a very short moment . Later on , I made my step on the next step of the evolution as a gamer , I started to play kind of MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game) – the WOW ( World of Warcraft ) .


It was the MOST amazing game I ever played. And it still have it’s own place in my heart even if I don’t play it anymore. When I was talking about this game , building my own presentation of random subject for my school , all the group was shocked and impressed by that , because I could speak from my heart .

I played this game non-stop.. but it wasn’t the similar experience , comparing with CS , it was something much more different . Believe me or not, this world was huge , I was the one of 10 million users and players .Surprisingly enough , I had found myself as a very communicative person , very witty and funny .However , I could also be very supportive or very strict and I could lead the people make them feel themselves as in their own house, where is warm and cozy . At first ,I was just a player , later on I was a part of the guild , which contained about 1000 people , and I was the right hand of a head of this guild.

In a nutshell – being a gamer can’t be unsocial at any point .

When I played the games , its started to disintegrate my crude personality to something new – I started to think more strategically, for two-three steps ahead, to think about cons and pros from my actions .. and I started to take care about people .

Now , looking back on my past , I can unexpectedly tell you , that I feel no regret about all what was happening with me .. and , to be honest, sometimes I feeling a bit of regret that I cut off this addiction. I must admit, that ,regardless of spending huge amount of the time by thoughtlessly playing the game,I can’t completely say that I was addicted gamer.

The game can undoubtedly change your life because all what you are experiencing – is your life experience , regardless how real it is. I think that the games can improve you ,can help you to get the clear understanding on the life-questions like “who you are?” or “what do you want from life?” because the games is the scene of life ,because some people can literally live there and they also can feel any of main emotions like anger , love, attraction , happiness , feeling that you are succeeded at some point .. and I can’t mentioned about the flip side of the coin – the hardest lessons like being beaten , to be a failure , to realize that there is nowhere you can go/can do .I’m tempted to say , knowing that this game [at some point] isn’t real , helps you to get through all this problems and if you are trying to do something again and again ,believe me or not , you will get to learn it how to do passively .

Notably , as you may know , we can hear here and there the magic word “e-sport” or “cybersport” . It meant to be the stage of the skill , when you can be on the stage and virtually play the game for money .

Playing another game , I started to be curious how other people play that game and the best source for that is Youtube,where I had found the “Moscow Five” team ,which originally is from Russia. I had seen them playing on the tournament at first time ,where they smashed all well-known team and went to the 1st place pedestal without being defeated. Consequently, I became a fan of “M5” and I still following them on Youtube. After all their wins , they had earned about 300 -400 thousands of dollars each for last 3-5 years ,which is really good money , considering that your favorite job is matching with your favorite hobby .

I hope my story could legally kick you out from the world of the astray .

There were a bit more to say and to mention about the games and about the synergy which the game could possibly build between the people , but I think enough is enough.. at least for now.

My English .

In this particular blog I wants to share about my own experience about learning English .

First of all ,I should admit , that from the time when I arrived in the U.K. , I could barely speak on it – a  couple of lessons had the place before that and all I could say – it was mumbling some imaginary words [which have take the place in my language only] and repeating saying “yes, yes” dimly.

Reminiscing the day when I arrived in Luton [ London ,England] , I need to thank God and thank my parents for gave the birth in [present] EU country ,because all I had been needed into ,so to say, borderline – was a charming smile and the match of my face and the photo into my passport .Maybe I couldn’t manage to pass all this two criteria but ,rest assured, I had passed at least one of them. Later on, walking back and forth near by my home , I started to explore the English culture and the language as itself. Meanwhile, I was living in Margate [Kent, England] in the house where were not any of English speakers. I was talking with those people ,my roommates, about the live in the U.K., about the lifestyle, about the fashion ,and ,of course, about English language. One of the guy , who was upsetting me with his negativity ,was living here [in the U.K.] for 5 long years  barely could speak in English , told me that English people , generally speaking , is very terrible ,arrogant and hypocrite . I am knowing that sort of people , who are very negative, who is spending all his time to complaining about “whatever” ,so I was aware of it and I filtered a lot of this rubbish (I beg your pardon for saying the truth) . When I went with my sister to visit someone and ask something , I was supremely shocked with my sister’s English . She has sounded for me as a real English lady and it was so inspiring, hence I wanted to talk similarly some day .

After two-three months of working for an agency and doing some packing/cutting stuff at the place where is no English people at all (because they were all managers and I had no access to have a quick chat with them),and, obviously , I could not get any experience of talking in English .After that ,thankfully to my sister , I got the opportunity to work at the same company as she had been working. Remembering the day when my next employer invited me for a chat .. oh ,my goodness ,it was complete disaster. Keeping in mind that I had no spoken English,I was looking like a monkey which can’t say anything except telling something by using body language. I really don’t know why ,but they gave me this work ,hence ,eventually , I got the better job where English is the common language .I was working as a part of the Hygiene’s crew and my teammates were from my original country. It was really great success for me because ,regardless of working in a pack-house wasn’t my dream work, I got the opportunity to work on full-time basis and to work in environment where English is the common language .At the meantime ,I was studying English in Margate and successfully passed all  ESOL Entry 3 exams. Basically , it was huge step for me and it wasn’t success only looking at English culture side – it was very good luck because I could meet lots of people ,lots of acquaintances and it gave me lots of practice using conversational English. I also could make a couple friends. To be honest, I was so desperate to get to know English as fast as possible , that I put the ad in internet and was searching the opportunity  to meet group of people who also wants to get some practice talking in English.That was how I got to know Lucy, the ahead of group of people .That day was supposed to be incredible , no doubt about it, and there is few reasons why.

Above all , this meeting had the place in London , which was already fabulous event for my. Secondary, me and all other people who were in restaurant where we had lovely lunch and great talk. That time was spent in very funny and friendly atmosphere. Later on,I was walking around the streets and parks in central London , when one English girl came up to me and asked for some help with directions. Having a great time before it , I was looking forward to extend it ,that’s why I asked her – May  I accompany  her to the destination point ,which was the nearest park? She said that she doesn’t mind. We was walking and talking about anything -about the countries from where are we , about problems being as child/adult etc. I was asking her about what she will be doing later on and she replied that she is going to go on the rave(sort of party) and the word rave was stacked into my mind near the word “rap” (like singing or reading/speaking rap).I was also asking her why does she needs the park? she said that she was wanting to smoke something(which wasn’t a cigarette) and explained that she is hyperactive and this kind of treatment calms her down. I hadn’t no clue about the legislation part of this occasion but I asked her how old she is – she was 18 , so I thought “presumably , that’s alright then” .While we were walking ,the time was ticking , and my asked my fateful question – “When do you want to go on the rape?” (yeah, I was saying “rape” instead of “rave” and I had no idea the reason why it was happening) . This girl instantly step aside (no wonder why),she asked me – do you know what the meaning of the word “rape”?  I got the meaning in brief moment and ,as being as a very honest person ,I said – yes ,I do know that meaning. But I said it like I said it on the purpose but I didn’t meant THIS TERRIBLE ACTION at all ! However, this girl was very suspicious after that moment and .. a little time later , she run out from me. I was “that the front.. door?!” .. and I was really upset about it . Nearly depressed .. I was thinking , yeah , Sergey , right, you got the feeling that you finally can speak in English but you know what? YOU CAN’T DO THIS AT ALL! And all the way to the Victoria coach station , I was completely petrified , destroyed.. I was thinking that I’m walking disaster .I took my seat into the coach and I was keeping my mouth  zipped. The woman next to me asked me could I give her my charging device ? I said – sure , no problem . After that “How are you” was followed – and I said – you better not to talk with me , she asked why ? I said – because I’m walking disaster . She said – tell me why is that ?! And .. I retold the story about what was happened with me recently .. and she started to laughing and , God bless her, I got the relieve , at this very moment I realized , that yes, it was very silly behavior and very offensive, I must say , at some point  but ,after all ,it was fun, it was mishap and what I needed to be doing – taking this mishap and get all of it .

It was a bit more than year till now but I still can learn from it and use it as a good example .. how to describe myself (haha).

About 3-4 months ago I quit the job where I had been working to start a new part of my life – to continue studying English in East Kent college. I was so exited about that because many people evaluate it as a good example of studying in and I was preoccupied about all this process . I wasn’t been thinking about how I will live[without work] because I had the savings so it could allow me to live and enjoy my life without thinking about the money at least for some period of time. Maybe I put a little stress on my sister’s shoulders by sitting at home all the days and watching some films /playing games and chatting in English /listening to music  etc .. but this kind of entertainments was put lots of burden onto my neck.. because all I was doing was in English. Perhaps , I was be driven by bigotry , because I really wanted to get the understanding of English into my mind as soon as possible , so to say , I was trying to spin plates – over and over again .. and now, at this very moment, I am more confident about my English than I ever been.

At the time being , I am filling having better English than my sister , which had been lived here for 6(?) years until now and ,to be completely honest with you , I think I can be meritoriously proud of myself for this enormous step forward in my education.

Of course , I can’t finish this blog avoiding of mentioning the most important people who were very kind and helpful to me.

There is the list of the names who was contributing a lot into me :

First of all – Deborah , she was my first teacher , she was always polite and “was kept the distance” from me , she opened my eyes on some aspects of British culture.

Sarah ,who was my English teacher at work, is very lovely woman.She taught me some good words – “platonic relationships”,for instance.All the time which I spent with her by talking  was full of fun , joy and knowledge.She is very friendly and cheerful , full of life,so to say.

I can’t avoid to mentioning another “woman of the year” (I’m really should be afraid of my life if I would not mention her) – Paulina, who is still contributing in me a lot – she is very positive,cute friend , when I was thinking about her right now , the word “energiser” was first which  came into my mind , she is really full of positive thinking,always smiley,easy going and ready-for-action woman .

The next one ,but not the worse, is Ola . This particular lady I met in East Kent college and I was impressed with her good attitude and huge experience by working with non-English people. She was very supportive and she doesn`t  hesitate to put some dirty staff on the table .. but that’s how people should be  learning from , don’t you think ?

The next one is David ,who  , regardless of his gender,is very good man , he could be both – straight/serious and funny at the same time. All the lessons with him is sort of nice meal where you can taste lots multiplicities of different flavors,colors  and variables.

Some thoughts about differences in Russian and English culture

Many people think that Russian culture is very rude and full of unnecessary aggression. It is very valuable point because, as long as I know , Russian have their own point of view ,they are very pushy at some point and very stubborn. It is all true and you may have such an opinion .

First thing first, let me show you something undiscovered. In my country (post-USSR Latvia) ,no matter are you boy or girl, you should be followed your own language. You can say whatever you like ,including all bad language, but you need to watch out whom are you speak with. One incorrect movement , one incorrect word .. and next who you will see could be a doctor in Hospital-is the bottom line.

You could say “It`s very brutal and offensive ?!” and yes ,you`re absolutely right ,it is. But that`s why people are making lots of thinking before they tell you anything. We had lots of law ..and one was sound “insulting the honour (by action or word)” and this law allowed you to fight against someone who insulted you – you can fight using words or physical muscles. Later on , the police will come and it will decide who were wrong or right.

When I came here in the U.K. ,I was very surprised with such verbal aggression from anyone(except from elderly, they always have good manners). I was like” if someone would be such a nice person like this imbecile then the less what he would do later ,he would arrange the appointment to the dentist. I realised that people here is full of aggression (of course they are, they`re human ,for God sake)and they have nowhere they could leak/turn somewhere this aggression, instead of in verbal way.So here we are, with people who are very aggressive against their surroundings and the government has banned anything if you are acting aggressively but there is not such a law against being aggressive verbally.

If we are talking about the law and punishment, I, as a former prison officer, can say that there is no such a punishment whatsoever. The U.K.`s prisons are like a paradise for inmates from post-USSR countries or whatever country with much stricter legislation than it`s in the U.K. In the U.K. prisons you have an access to T.V., to meet your own families/friends/ whatever , you could easily be connected to the Worldwide network (Internet) and it is such a ridiculous method how to punish people who had been made such a terrible and anti-social crimes like killing people, kidnapping kids or raping any human beings. Meanwhile, there are many places in Russia where the prison is taking the place in the middle of arctic(or just very cold place)and there is no one in 1-2 weeks around that place. This prison has no walls, all inmates could freely go whatever they like(if they are planning an escape)and they are welcomed to do so because no one will search for them later. If they wants to get a piece of freedom ,well – you may get it and die for it. Cruel? Rude? Not under EU Law? Maybe but such a tough time/life (being in prison) should be teaching all criminals how to correctly deal with others, how to be tolerant with them without any sign of aggression.

Recently I was asking one English teacher how to say “shut your mouth” in polite way. And all the options what I gave her was very rude and inappropriate. But there is a bullet point – if the circumstances are forcing you to use such a strong collocation then there should be a reason for that ,am I right? And if there is a reason , then it`s possible or there is such a possibility of using such a strong language, don’t you think?

For the conclusion , I`d like to say that people should be thinking about not who are doing the wrong thing(like only others nationalities are doing bad/rude things) but what is their background .Especially, English people should pay more attention at the way how they are living their life, what`s is rude from the perspective of their part of the world. I really fed up of such an indoctrination , which allows you from the one side – use whatever strong language you like to emphasize your anger but on the other hand you have NOT TO BE RUDE. In my country we were used to call such a person as hypocrite.