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Jennifer : Hello and good afternoon everyone . Today , we are going to talk about the families and the issues which they facing during activities altogether. With me , as usual , our master of the profound knowledge of our social behaviour , my colleague and a very good friend – Craig Monnoc.

Craig : Well, actually , I just have completed the Doctoral Degree requirements , hence I`m a doctor now.

Jennifer : Ah , I see. Anyways , we have a guest today . Richard , could you tell me something about yourself ?

Richard : Hey there. What do you want to talk about ,mate ? I`d say that I`m 18 , me and my parents are from London and we lived there together before I was dropped from the nest by,so to speak , beloved parents .I`m the only child . My mom`s name is Chloe and my father is Richard , as myself.

Jennifer: Alright , lets get it started . Today we are going to talk about an issue related to family holidays. Simply put , we have all the tools required for this , on the left hand side we have an omniscient and omnipotent expert , who will explain us how our brains rule the world . In the right corner we have a youngster , who`s willing to open our eyes on some very crucial things ,notwithstanding on his young age,I bet he knows what he`s talking about.


Richard : Erm.. thank you .. I guess. Yes, I`m only 18 but I`ve already seen so much misbehavior by my parents , that I`d pray a God to send me a fire-sword to release righteous anger on them!

Craig: Calm down , Richard.By the way , can I use your short name and call you Dick? I know you are mad on your parents , which is understandable . Although , we are not here to curse them but to point on their own mistakes and to try somehow change this situation. Imagine , that your story here and your perspective could drastically change the way how parents think . For instance, you would be a blessing for every young parents who would soak up all you`re telling us about and could help their kids to grow in better environment.

Richard : Hm.. now it doesn`t sounds that bad from this position .. Anywho..

Jennifer: Richard , could you tell us about your first or second holiday with your parents ? What was it and tell us about how you felt it ?

Richard: I think, I can do that . The first holiday , what really matters for me was when I was 8.Me and my parents went to Cyprus.

Craig: I bet there was hot .

Richard: Yes, it was . And then all the things starts to happen .It was too blooming hot for me! I don`t know what they`ve been thinking .. Apparently , senile dementia is responsible . I wanted to hide from the sun in our hotel room but they kept saying “Richard, we came here for you – enjoy the sun and the beach before you get back and hit the English weather”. But it was obvious to me that they rather wanted to come there for their own sake and secondly, to torture me by the natural force . When I finally was sent off , I went to our hotel room where I couldn`t do anything . The boredom was killing me because my smart parents “forgot” to take all my consoles . I knew they did it accidently on purpose.

Jennifer: What a terrible first expression , I must admit. Craig, do you have anything to say about this ?

Craig : Oh , yeah , in fact , I do . Dick , as you mentioned before, you are the only child . So your parents don`t have such experience in order to give all you need. As you know , It’s so difficult nowadays to part from our gadgets – they practically run our lives! But by taking back control and restricting the time you use them, it could make for a much better night’s sleep and get you there quicker! So maybe it was sort of lesson for you to start doing something what matters for you .In your parent`s childhood was no phones or consoles.And they have found their niche and entertained themselves differently . I don`t think you got the idea right , I mean they really want you to see the world in different colors,don`t you see it?

Richard: Well, I do , but still . They should been thinking about all this and to explain me this by giving another example. Anyway . I didn`t know what to do , so I went downstairs and started to talk to porter , you know , just to shoot the breeze , as our American cousins are fond of saying. So we were having a good time , this guy was telling me so much about the hotel and such . But this fun ends when my parents came in and that`s all started . My mother said that I shouldn’t been talking to any strangers and bla-bla-bla. I felt so embarrassed and rage on my parents .. And from that very moment , everything went worse. It started from very small things and snowballed to the enormous problem what we are having right now. And I don`t think that it`s because of the age differential, from they/mine perspective or so.It feels like a barrier between me and them.

Craig: I feel you , Richard , I really do . The problem what you were facing back then is that your parents don`t actually understand the difference between their time and our`s – or present. They still have an idea or stereotype that you may,and will, become as good as they are,despite the fact that we are not in their past anymore. They can`t give you all the freedom you want because you,as being a child , don`t know what`s right or what`s wrong , hence they should teach you what`s what.Even so, they should have stopped this sermons and became your parents slash teachers or mentors ,but not as your strict guardians.

Richard: Actually , maybe you`re right . Oh well. We can`t change the things now even though we do understand them now.

Craig : You know , some people believe that the name is giving you something as well , it could possibly build your character as well . Have you even thought about this , Dick? Some people are stubborn just because of the name ,which is a strange thing to think about .

Richard : I don`t think that I should blame or use my name as excuse , I like my name , Richard sounds very nice and I got use to it. Sometimes it`s kind of unusual when people use my short name some times , when I did something wrong or so . Oh well .

Jennifer: Alright , guys , the time is working against us but I hope we all and our listeners learned something from this.



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