Throw it in a bin .

Today , I was watching a documentary about a guy who wanted to figure out “What one degree is?”. The whole story was about measuring the temperature and explaining what this degree is .

One of a men ,who the guy was speaking with , told “Disorder rules the world,destruction and disorder is the driving force of the universe,you need to understand that the energy is distributed in disarray, atoms, molecules – all located in a chaotic traffic and chaos gives impetus/momentum to all the processes in the world,hence it`s very useful to be in sadness and depression, they give a motive for action, cause changes shows that the world is getting worse”.

Albeit the fact that this particular documentary was about the science , the though that the chaos is in charge of the world – rigidly knocked me on the head.

Nowadays , the majority of people are very carrying ,which is not such a bad thing -don`t get me wrongly, but it is a very bad thing in case that the mankind is supposed to live their life,making a  tough decision , be “a king of the animals/primates”. And only by that way he/she [one of the mankind] can suck up the experience and “only the strongest can help,uphold those who are weak”.

I know , this subject is perennial and we never will be tired of talking about that.

But you know that feeling – something just was  pierced your mind with some knowledge and you go somewhere where you can put your thoughts on the paper.

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