What if…

My tutor told us to write about “Is My life in England better the one you had in your country or the one you would have if you were there ?”.

My life in England.

Above all ,when I came to England [nearly] 2 years ago , it was a completely Something for me.A new culture,new people,a new way of living and also – a new way of thinking or understanding the people who surrounds me.

When you live your whole life in the country were you were born , it looks like you know everything about the world.Because your world is just that particular country and people who surrounds you,the people who you used to have near by yourself.You know the way how they think and what shall you expect from them – and vice versa . But when you come to completely new[for you] environment , you don`t know how to act,what to do.And it is something very new for you in contrast of “previous you”.Maybe that`s why people do like traveling a lot,because of the way how they see things- differently , because of the people who they meet,because of the beautiful views of this amazing world they can see, what literally could turn upside down the whole”you”.

When I came in England at the first time,I was like stunned,completely shocked by people around me,the way how politely they act,the bunch of smiley faces,I felt myself welcomed . When I came to Margate, I could not stop breathe in the fresh air from the sea.I could not stop devouring the information all around myself.It was a new world for me.And I felt that the boundaries of my  tiny and wild world were slightly pulled  away.

Thank_the_past_for_a_better_futureAt this very moment , I can`t tell that I have a boring life. I improve my English every here and now,I like to talk and cordially feel and share with something with any  good person , attentively listen them and try to help them as much as I can.I opt to be very fastidious in the way of choosing who I want to be near with or who I want keep the distance with. I speak my mind every time since I was 20 and I have no idea why should I stop doing that , albeit the fact that someone could name me arrogant or unnecessary rude.I could use the quote of Danny Glover from “Lethal weapon” – “I`m too old for this sheet” !I like the way how it works here – you can choose whether you want – work hard and get money or work less and have a siesta in between. At this very moment , I am studying English and working as a night porter (part-job) and,to be honest,I`m happy. Well,we all have our ups and downs , pros and cons but I don’t mean to sound like a crapehanger, because I am an optimist by nature- so why should I think negatively ? I happy with my life here,well, we always want to make the changes which brings [not necessarily ] us to better future , but generally speaking , I predominantly am a very happy person .

The small role of experience.

As you may know , I still corresponding to my ex-girlfriend and while we are talking , sometimes we do reminiscing about the time when we had been  together and she [almost every time] wants to point that out how wrong I was and here and then I absolutely submissively have to agree with her because now I understand when and where I have been mistaken. And she,nodding down,shows me that I can be wrong as well.Well,I could not see where was my fallacy without having her around. And here is my point, I think my life now is a way much better than I had before. Sometimes I can easily sit down in my chair and think peacefully without rushing somewhere and dealing with a bunch of problems every single moment,where is no piece but hard work only. However,having a peaceful life is also kind of trap , but let`s not talk about that today.

Imaginary future.

Let`s dive in a fantasy-world.Oh,beg your pardon , in MY fantasy-world. Let`s verbalize it – what would be/happen if I were in Latvia,here and now?

Let`s start from workplace – I think I`d go to prison.Well,to work in,obviously. After I was  served in Latvian Army , I  straight away went to prison to work in,where I had been working for about 8 years,hence my first though would be “let`s go back in prison”. By the same token , I would be trying to find anything where I could find the usage of my English.

At the meantime , I suppose, my relationship with my ex would be renewed ,it would be much easier for both of us to renew our old relationship instead of desperately search for the new ones.I think in a year,max two – we would get married and would have kids.I think we would assiduously trying to have 4 kids , because I want that and she aware of that  , but I am not sure that I can play a “boss-card” when I am not the one who will be forced to deal with all it.We would still live in a small town and still rent a flat.

But to finalize this part of the story , I can undoubtedly tell you that I wouldn`t be the same Sergejs as I meant to be in Latvia.



To be honest with you,I don`t want to go back to Latvia and there is a dozen reasons why.Russian have the saying – “A dog choose the place where is warmer,human – where is better”. By giving you that saying I wanted to say that I think I`m much better being here than there. I don`t really want to watch the documentary of my life in Latvia by having a few moments only ,which are glued consecutively – home,work,home,go out with gf,home,PC,game,work.. Yes,it should be a very boring life for me.Boring and aimless. But here,in the UK , I have much more challenges,I`m not saying that I hadn`t them there ,but..the quality of my current challenges is a way much worthwhile than the quantity of the small problems which I would have constantly. It is poignant thing to say,isn`t that? We are who we are and the only future could tell us the mistake has been made.

Throw it in a bin .

Today , I was watching a documentary about a guy who wanted to figure out “What one degree is?”. The whole story was about measuring the temperature and explaining what this degree is .

One of a men ,who the guy was speaking with , told “Disorder rules the world,destruction and disorder is the driving force of the universe,you need to understand that the energy is distributed in disarray, atoms, molecules – all located in a chaotic traffic and chaos gives impetus/momentum to all the processes in the world,hence it`s very useful to be in sadness and depression, they give a motive for action, cause changes shows that the world is getting worse”.

Albeit the fact that this particular documentary was about the science , the though that the chaos is in charge of the world – rigidly knocked me on the head.

Nowadays , the majority of people are very carrying ,which is not such a bad thing -don`t get me wrongly, but it is a very bad thing in case that the mankind is supposed to live their life,making a  tough decision , be “a king of the animals/primates”. And only by that way he/she [one of the mankind] can suck up the experience and “only the strongest can help,uphold those who are weak”.

I know , this subject is perennial and we never will be tired of talking about that.

But you know that feeling – something just was  pierced your mind with some knowledge and you go somewhere where you can put your thoughts on the paper.

My excercises.

Hello there.

I wanted to write about my exercises because my English tutor told me that.


To start with , I can tell you that my weight is 95 ish kg and I`m 183 cm ,hence I`m at the middle of being fatty and massive,which you may have think that there is no difference , but trust me , there is.

I was always wondering , why people exhausting themselves by having a diet ,working hard in the gym ,bring the jogging in your life and make that as a habit. In my country(Latvia) people are not doing such a thing- they eat mostly healthy(fatty but homemade,going to McDonald but once per month) and the majority of population don`t go to the gym regularly,unless you are preparing  for a summer season , you know what I mean?! But ,in fact,[in my country] when you go out somewhere you won`t notice fat people,yes , maybe with some extra-pounds but not fatty or so ,and the reason why most of them not fatty not because we haven`t have plenty of fast-food restaurants.I think that lack of money , the hard work, the stressful situation in the country when you can`t afford living your life without having a job(our benefit system is truly miserable , thanks God) – that all force us to  socialize(you should have friends who you can sometimes rely on , friends also can give you an advice or they can know someone who knows(like anthill) and friends also can push you out from your boredom .. ) . We think that if you need to go out – you need to look nice as well,it sounds so shopworn , I know ,but there is a trick. Most of the people in my country have a lots of taboos like – you can`t go out and show yourself if you are fat(like really fat),so you must be sitting in your closet and  don`t you dare even look out otherwise you may have be bullied.That fear can force us to take care of ourselves.Maybe it`s very stupid but this method is very meaningful nonetheless.

On the other hand ,here in the UK ,the majority of the people have a taboo – you can`t judge others by their look(it calls bulling or abuse). We have a very powerful tool for not to work- it calls the benefit system. You can go out wearing anything you want and be not ashamed by your ,so to speak,friends. That how the real freedom taste.But it`s lusciously sugary for me,thank you very much.

Well..my exercises.. what do I do to improve my health and to keep my mind sharp ? Actually , I do mostly of the second part – I think a lot,talk a lot,care a lot. But I also go to the gym and working hard.In fact,I spend in the gym about 1-1.5h all together(exercises,shower,steam room/water pool ,+the time to the gym(20 min) and back to home).  But,to be completely honest with you , I spend lots of the time in front of computer,yes yes, I have silly excuses like I`m watching documentaries,talking to my friends via Whatsapp(they finally made it work through PC,yay) ,watching anime,thrillers.reading a lot etc.. but ,lets face it,I still spend a lot of the time in front of PC,which is completely unhealthy.

Yesterday , I downloaded the documentary about exercises ( http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01cywtq ) and I was shocked. Completely shocked. You know..I always was thinking that the information can be dangerous and I need to “consume” the information carefully . And now..this video completely opened my eyes and I`ll try to do my best and will take care of my body.

Watch this :

That is incredible.

You know.. as I mentioned before , I haven`t get any clues about why all the people jogging or spending lots of their time in the gym.But now, I think , I can realised the answer – people just wants to be healthy . Have a healthy family, have a healthy kids , it`s like a rock been thrown down and accidentally on purpose was targeted to my head.

I made my mind up to put much more efforts into my health. I`ll try to go for a walk .I will cost me a time but I hope it also can acquire me the time..eventually.

Welp .

Back in to 1930s.

Good day everyone . Why today is a good day ? It is very good question .

Today I want to tell you a story, a simple story about the first day on my new job.

Yesterday ,I went to the hotel where I will be working as a night porter but because I had lack of experience (bar-serving the drinks,customer service etc.) I was asked to come and get some practice.

I am tempted to say .. that evening was fantastic.

To start with , I went in a hotel ,it was full of hustle and bustle ,it was all about the preparation on the evening` event .

I went to the bar with my supervisor(James),got to know where is the stuff(drinks,glasses,prices etc.) and then.. I saw one gentlemen in a military form , I asked James – is he real militarists or? He answered me “No,he`s not,today we have an event where all are supposed to be dressed-up as if they were back in 1930s” .

Being nerd , I was watching a few similar events , for instance comic-con in London . But I never had been in such old-fashion event like yesterday I was in.Purely because I am not very familiar with that period of time .

2All the ladies were in a old-fashion/military dresses ,they wore interesting dresses and old-fashion tights (very old fashioned) ,some of them wore a hat.I saw two Afro-American gentlemen ,one of them was in a black suit (like back in 1930 – very rich businessman) ,and other wore trousers with pair of braces and in baker boy cap (like simple worker) .There were the singers(two ladies) who was wearing a military costume with labels and insignias  etc.Another woman had a fox(dead version of it) as a part of her dress All the music was from the 1930s.

There also was a group of middle-age people(50-60+) who were dancing as it supposed to be in the 1930s.James told me that those guys are “Our old customers ,they have an event in October when they reserve the whole hotel for 4 days and  enjoy that time immensely.”

After all  , I enjoyed all that time what I spent there, I really did. You know..when you make the similar event,all you want to achieve is ..that everyone should experiencing the same emotions and feelings if they would be in the 1930s.I must admit,in that time even my father was a child and I haven`t got any knowledge about all that time.. but I have a confession to make – somehow , completely out of the blue , I was a part of that , I felt that all those people had had something in common , they were succeeded in bringing such an old[past] atmosphere ..

I also was thinking about the time.Nowadays the technology was captured the majority of the people , when if you haven`t got the account in Facebook – it means that you are the wild man and you need to go back into your cave. The technology is rushing somewhere..every second counts. But i think that the past is like the book which is full of recondite information.All the information is old but it`s valuable nonetheless.

When I went to home completely exhausted I went to bed straight away but the music was still playing , the dancing couples were still flashing into my mind .  Now , after 7 hours of sleep , I don`t feel even a half of these feelings or emotions but you know what? Something from that day was entrenched inside of me .. something very old but still important.

My diet.

Today, I want to talk about the entrenched opinion that  the people should have any kind of diet.From my humble opinion , I possessively want to point out that this statement is mistaken.To start with , I want to urge you that there is no evidences which could prove the link between good diet and well-being.However,at the same token , we might highlight the profound chanelet  between well-being and being on any kind of diet. But to specialize that kind of connection , we must have specify what is that – being on a diet.

Let`s clarify that – from my perspective of the world , the first meaning of the diet is , obviously , healthy eating . Let`s talk a bit about that . I think that healthy eating contains all the vitamins and minerals which our organism requires,for instance , to strengthen our immune system , we should provide it with significant amount of  Vitamin C and there is no room for error , unless you are “clever” boy which wants to have a day-off from school and got a cough on a purpose. Additionally , we should be the provider of : Vitamin A because it is a key for good vision, a healthy immune system, and cell growth; Vitamin B is a part of a class of water-soluble vitamins that play important roles in cell metabolism ; and so on.

Let`s do not being fastidious by not mentioning about the oils , for instance , I do have a pills with Omega-3 to keep my mind sharp and to memorize as much information as I can .

I know that we cannot follow all these rules – what and how much of the vitamins and minerals should we use,it is unfathomably excruciating process ,when you ,lets call a spade a spade, find it ad nauseum and will unduly abhor that.

But I have a very serendipitous cure for those slothful people , who wants have just a simple life without reckoning anything – and the name of this seldom cure is a [magic] pills which can contain any source of vitamins or minerals which you may think your organism  will be needed.


The next step of the good diet could be the exercises. To be completely honest with you , sometimes I skip my “work” in a gym ,I`m just a weak human being,or yes,another lazy person as [maybe] you, but nonetheless , I do my best to keep myself fit by doing some exercises at home.

I know you all know about the importance to keep yourself fit , but to do so you need to work assiduously hard . Surprisingly enough , we got the internet and lots of clips on Youtube ,which dedicated on “how to spend less time on doing exercises “,God bless those people who were made these clips.


A diet.. a Diet.. I think when we have a taste of this word into our mouth we automatically starting to think about the weight , am I right? But lets not going deep into bigotry but keep a good spirit – albeit the fact that my weight is nearly 100 kg , I feel excellent myself and I have no any obsessed ideas about losing weight. Of course , I do make sort of sacrifices every day like refuse to myself[my stomach] to pusillanimously gorge myself with any sort of fast food ,truly speaking, I find it extremely heinous and ghastly. However,I don`t want to show oneself as a hypocrite – sometimes I do consume sort of junk food but it`s when my MIND required it as a mandatory of its surviving . But it is the only exception when I give up the slack.

Well,now you can have a rest , because this indoctrination is about to end. It`s the time to roll up your sleeves and get to work, shall we?