Healthy Living

This speech is all about healthy living ,about the subject what is given by exam committee ,hence – it is our exam topic.

This is the final part of my presentation and it had been proofread by my former teacher P.

Today I’m going to talk about healthy living.

From the time when the date changed from “December 2014” to “January 2015”,all magazines and TV programs started bombarding us with statements like “It’s the time to change your bad habits ” or “The best New Year Resolution 2015” where people here and there are trying to force us to change ourselves (presumably for better). Believe me or not, this subject is  perennial for discussion, because we can all outline pros and cons of leading a healthy lifestyle.

When you are thinking about “living healthy”, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Actually, there are lots of options to answer this question.

Let’s start with the basics.


To start with, modern life requests from us to be here and there, to be very mobile and flexible. Hence a lot of our time is spent on sitting or driving and we have no time to do any exercises of any time. We come home and we are completely exhausted after work. It’s believed that even standing up can help us to burn more calories than sitting as it tones and exercises our muscles.I’d therefore recommend you to stand up when you’re making a phone call or downloading something on your computer.I think it’s more important for your body’s memory because it remembers to be more active. This memory will then push you to do activities of any sort,like planning your day or improving your social skills instead of sitting down silently, while you are using public rapid transit system .

Healthily eating.


It is been stated that “eating healthy is crucial to maintain good health”. Sounds simply,right? But as we all know,it isn’t so simple as it seems. What do you think about eating healthily? Is it to eat only healthy food and count your daily calorie intake? Is it to eat home-made food only, and trying to avoid any unhealthy or junk food?

Since the time, when I came in the UK for the first time, I have heard that there are people who are trying to avoid eating meat, but I never have seen them. Later on,when I had been here and there and met lots of people, few of them were vegetarians. I met one of them in London where I used to attend the Language Exchange Group. Surprisingly enough, this vegetarian was a man. When I realized who he was, I started with a double brush ,because I couldn’t understand – why people do this- become vegetarians. Later on I got to know other vegetarian person, who became a close friend of mine. We had a long, long discussion about the reasons why she is doing that, but both of us haven’t got any problems/arguments against each other just because we respect each other and it does’t matter that I am a meat-eater and she is a vegetarian. Let’s get back on track, shall we?! As I know and believe, it doesn’t really matter what you eat – you can eat what you really want to, even junk-food ,it depends how frequently are you do it. But the most important part of living healthy and eating healthy is to feel the happiness while you are eating something.

Let’s do not underestimate our feelings during that moment, while we are eating. Can you find the importance of it? Let’s get closer to that by giving you a few examples.

When the food is home-made, it smells and tastes better ,isn’t it ? Even if you use the same contents or ingredients – it is different . But why it is that? I believe that it is because of the knowledge, our brains believe that that particular food is much tastier and much better than other, even if it contains more fat,it doesn’t matter. When you go to a pizza restaurant and you can watch how they are making the pizza you ordered, the taste of it is much better than if you wouldn’t be watching, isn’t it?


From my perspective of the world, we are able to eat absolutely anything IF we are happy. I believe that if you are not hungry but you want any kind of junk-food ,when you see it and you want it like here and now, and when you get it – it makes you a happy person and I believe that it won’t hurt you much. From another point of view, we can face the problem when any person with “a few extra pounds” come into ,let’s say , McDonald and orders something what he/she wants. That person, knowing that he/she already has some extra pounds ,eating that meal without the feeling of happiness. Maybe she/he even feels hate against her/himself ,that kind of hate is raising the stress level into our bodies and how our organism reacting on this stress? Yes,in stress situation the organism is trying to put any spare calories into a fat to use it later while the stress continues . So this particular individual, by coming and getting only meal in fast-food restaurant, could get many more extra pounds just because of negative thinking. Later on, she/he will feel more miserable and this will have a crucial effect on his body-type.


I can show you another point of it, most of people are not educated enough. They drink cold drinks with warm meals ,when the scientists say : “People should take-to-drink meal only with warm drinks because cold drink force the food to leave a stomach too quickly , without having had time to be digested completely. And even if you eat much, your stomach after a short time interval again will demand food. Much more terribly, that badly digested food stays in intestines can lead to processes of fermentation and rotting that will harm to your body. Having fatty foods with cold drinks is especially harmful for you- it is a direct way to a pancreatitis.

Being Happy


The next important part of living healthy is being happy, because an unhappy person can’t have a healthy life-style even if he is doing all the other “parts” of it. What is the meaning of being happy? It is to have a good friends, to surround yourself with positive people , the part of being happy should contain the positive thinking as well, because if you think mostly negatively, you are unconsciously building up an insurmountable psychological barrier of being unhappy and this barrier makes your days be dull and gloomy even if others tells you that there is sun somewhere.

Positive thinking .


I believe that positive thinking is the key of healthy living. No matter what storms will be on your way, regardless of any issues or troubles – you will find the light at the end of a tunnel and, most importantly, people around you will stick to you just because they can charge themselves with positive energy simply by looking at you. And the good fact about positive thinking is that it is almost perennial. Of course, it is not a piece of cake, you need to put in effort and be unshakably constant with that.

Exercise more

I must admit, that the fitness or physical exercises also affects your life, mostly positively. We can say ,without any doubts,that the exercises by themselves only can make you feel stronger and better and in the result – much healthier ! But the most important part of going to the gym or doing exercises at home is that you force yourself to do something with your life. From my own experience, I’d say that going to gym is very important to me because It brings some changes into my life,I push myself to go out despite of the bad weather or bad mood, I try to organize myself, stick to the plan and be constant with that. Of course, it helps me to improve my social skills as well.


In conclusion, I would like to advice you to be wise and think what you really want to do with your life, not for fashion or for other people. I strongly believe that no one can tell you how to live your live, hence only your own opinion matters the most.

A bit about the friendship.

It`s been said that :

Making friends can be hard because of one’s lack of social skills, because our society is generally making us more isolated, because of our modern busy lifestyles, or because we no longer have a context for meeting people like we did in college or high school. There is no single cause that makes this crucial skill hard for us—it’s actually a group of causes.

I completely agree with it .Nowadays people don`t really talk to each other – is it a fault of new technologies which pushed us away from each other , notwithstanding that it should be working totally otherwise. The new technology like mobile phones with bunch of chat/meeting applications were supposed to decrease the distance between people ,but they made it much longer . I have watched the T.V. series “Californication” where David Duchovny (“X-files” `s male-star) said about ew technology :

In these latter days one fact annoy me – that all people become more dumber and dumber. I want to tell that we have all these surprising technologies, and as a result- computers have turned in expensive “w*nking machines” , the Internet should give us freedom, make us more
democratic, and the only thing that it has given to us is a nominee of the doctor the Dyne and round-the-clock access to a children’s porno. People, they anymore do not write, they conduct blogs, they do not talk anymore, they type the text, neither punctuations, nor grammar and so on. Such sensation that one small group of morons communicates with another group of morons on any kind of pro-language which is more likely similar to speech of cave people, instead of on Shakespeare’s high language.”

And , to be honest, I completely agree with him . People don`t go anywhere to have a real laugh , they are using abbreviations such as “LOL , rofl or lmao” or they can just put the smile picture and that`s all. People forgot how to use their face muscles when they smile , they are using images for that. The new technologies gave us the illusion that we are close enough , we are “in touch” and we always are forgetting about real friends. I remember days when there were no phones and if you wanted to know are your friend at home or not – there was an only way how to find out – by knocking on his door or pushing on the doorbell. And if there is no-one there – you just turn around and go back to home or whatever. I think they were happy days ,when children had no phones and nothing to do at home , they played more with their friends ,real friends (not with acquaintances) and there were much easier ways to make new friends than nowadays.


A survey by Relate rather shockingly suggests that as many as 10% of people in the UK don’t have a single friend to turn to. That translates into nearly 5 million adults who are, in effect, friendless.

Even factoring in that many of these unfortunates may be elderly people whose friends have died, or inadequates who lack functional social skills, that is still a significant number of ordinary people who just don’t know how to maintain good friendships”

What do you think about that ? Is it easy for you to make new friends ? I always wonder why most of English people calling each other as a friend – in my country most of the time we are using other word “acquaintance” and when we are talking about [real,good ones,close] friends [with whom we spent lots of time together and experienced good or bad times] then we are letting other people know , that we are good , close friends. But here and there I keep hearing “ I went with this friend there and we saw this friend blah blah blah” and I wonder – do they really have so much friends? It`s such a incongruity for me.

“With friends, if you annoy them too much, they can just drop you. Within this simple fact lies one of the first principles of friendship – tread carefully. Friends are precious, even irreplaceable, but they are also fragile.

Treading carefully is easier said than done. Part of a good friendship is honesty, and sooner or later one is forced to choose between being amenable and giving a friend the honesty you think the relationship merits. But honesty is always a risky strategy, whether it’s asking “Do you like my new dress/suit?” or “Do you like my new girlfriend/boyfriend?” Sometimes you are forced to find out what your friendship rests on, and sometimes the foundations prove insubstantial.”

Very truly stated . When I am talking to people , I always trying to be myself . Sometimes ,surprisingly enough , people found me as a rude person , who ,being mostly honest and straight person ,can make others feel awkward or uncomfortable ,hence it isn`t piece of pie. You also needs to be diplomatically correct with people whether will they be your ,so to speak , friends or will be one of the “people come , people go” `s cases . My receipt is simple , I really don`t want to be show people how nice I am ,because there are the days when I could not be nice to them. Do we really need to wear a double-faces ? I mean ,by pretending be someone else with other people just because it is polite and nice . Sometimes I just don`t get it.. why shall we spend out time(which you can`t get back)and talk to people in a good language when we have no ideas will this particular person your friend or not. Don`t get me wrong – we should be nice to people ,when we want it or they deserve it.. or just by default . But shall we spend your time by talking to someone who isn`t nice to you ? My answer is no. I have no interest in pleasing every person I meet just because I am aware that not all people get along, and that’s just how life works. Most of the time I am trying to focus on the quality of my relationships, instead of the quantity of them because you really can`t have LOTS of friends for whole your life, real ones .Maybe 5 ? 10 Max.

To finish with this preach ,I will use one of the quotes :

Is there a secret to long friendships? Simply this – an absence of pride. Too many falter on stubbornness or the determination to hold on to offense. Successful ones rely on humility and the recognition of human fallibility. These are not merely useful attributes. They are the heart and soul of friendship.”

Thank you for listening.

Few concerns.

It is really strange filling when you start to realizing that now is a New Year(2015). Few days ago, we all were a bit over-excited about this special event and now.. now we are mostly the same or you think differently?
First of all , I would like to wish all of you a Happy New Year and I hope you will find your path down this road, will it be bad or good – well , it will be nice experience either way ,am I right?
I`d share with you about some of my thoughts if you don`t mind to listen. Firstly ,I had been joined to chatroom and it was/is very nice experience for me as a person and for my English. Albeit the fact that a decent conversation is a very rare case out there , I still enjoying it . Describing this chat ,well ,I might say that this chat is full of negative people who are sitting down there for only reason – to make some fun by laughing at something or arguing with anyone.. or you can do this all and pack of other things ,but nevertheless, there were some decent people whom I was lucky to meet.
And what I was doing there ? Frankly speaking , usually I am speaking with some other person who I was glad to know but she went to her original country and I didn`t want to disturb her rest while she will be there with family and friends ,which she could meet [face to face] only being there on holidays. So we were a bit distant for that period of time. But the strange thing is..that if you really want to be friends with somebody and you “sign in all terms and conditions” (like we will be friends only , you are not allowed to do this and that etc.) and If you after that haven`t the chance to build up a strong connections with that person(who`s supposed to be your friends in near future)..then you are “screwed up”. The odd thing is that all the people really wants to make friends .. but when they are here with you – you take it for granted and later , when this connection disappearing time after time, then they started to realize that something is completely wrong, but ,as Russians used to say, “this train is already gone”. It is out of my understanding , why people are so.. stupid(?!) or better to say – blind? Someone smart man said ,I really can`t remember all the saying but meaning was – “ people are searching for love and friends whatever they can..except around themselves” .
It was only the second day of the new Year but I already tired of it ,despite the fact , that I am very positive person and cheerful enough for handle all “bad days”. I just can`t understand .. I was talking via chat with lots of [presumably] beautiful women who is beautiful and nice from ,so to say, both sides, but weirdly enough they have a lack of happiness. Ghastly enough realise that fact and then I was thinking –is it a jeer of the fate – because most of unpretty women are single and are desperately looking for [any] man and ,at the meantime , lots of really nice and good-looking women are doing the same. We are lost here , aren`t we?
I got to know one woman who was my teacher , despite the fact that she is really good looking and have some “abroad beauty” ,as being English teacher ,she really struggle to find the proper man. She is beautiful , smart , funny , witty , intelligent , good educated piece of something what most of the men is dreaming about but.. she is struggling to find the proper one -it is ridiculous, really really “franking” unbelievable.
Other example – once upon the time I was adding the advertisement on Gumtree where I was trying to find anyone who could help me with my English. One female has pop up and we were talking a lot. She was very serious lady and her conditions were simple – no flirty chat, no silly jokes, no relationships – I could agree only on the last part but it`s not the point. The point is that when I asked her about her relationships ,which as I though had been take the place ,she answered that she has no boy- or girl-friend . I was really surprised – why is that? We all know that at some point we need the person who will be with you , we want/need to be a couple .. but she said that she never wanted to be with neither boy or girl . I had never been thinking that this kind of people exist [give me some credit] but here, in England , I started get to know lots of things what haven`t happened with any of my friends/acquaintances . I was really curious about this stupid fact, which later on I found the name of – asexual or nonsexual person .I haven`t been thinking that it is even possible – but ,I guess , people are can be really strange and very odd nowadays .Anyway , when I was asking about the feelings and stuff like that (according of my thinking, most of women are emotional beings, don’t get me wrong) and she said that she has the dog. THE DOG?! I really do like that fact that I`m having a great time here, in England.. but sometimes people in here can literally blow my mind with how they are thinking/acting.
I wish I could find someone who could cope with impoliteness and honest talk .